• Equatorial Guinea

    Equatorial Guinea

    The discovery and exploitation of large oil and gas reserves in Equatorial Guinea have contributed to dramatic economic growth. This is despite fluctuating oil prices and slowing or declining oil production have resulted in much lower GDP growth in recent years. The economy is still dominated by hydrocarbon production. The government has solicited foreign investment to diversify the economy and in February 2014, the state hosted an economic diversification symposium to help attract investment in five sectors.

    Name Republic of Equatorial Guinea

    Capital Malabo

    Frequency of elections Every seven years

    Name of parliament House of Representatives of the People

    Parliament website www.presidencia-ge.org/

    Languages Spanish, French, Fang, Bubi

    Area 28 051 km2

    Population 722 254 (July 2014 est)

    Imports Petroleum sector equipment, other equipment, construction materials, vehicles

    Exports Petroleum products, timber

    Currency Coopération Financière en Afrique Centrale franc

    Source: CIA World Factbook
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages