• Clean runnings

    Clean runnings

    In Côte d’Ivoire, a potable-water plant capable of producing 240 000 m3 litres per day is expected to be operational in July this year.

    Construction of the La Mé facility on an 8 ha site in Adzopé, 90 km north of Abidjan is nearly complete, Afrik21 reports. The water will be pumped from the river La Mé via a water-intake pipe and, once treated, transported via a 1.4m diameter pipeline across 28 km to two water towers with 5 000 m3 capacity each.

    On completion, the project will meet the drinking-water needs of several suburbs to the north and east of Abidjan, including Cocody, Abobo and Yopougon.

    The plant has been financed via a EUR30.4 million loan from the West African Development Bank, and is being implemented by French resource-management firm Veolia in partnership with Ivorian construction company PFO Africa.

    1 June 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images