• Digging up the past

    Digging up the past

    The government of Uganda has announced plans to redevelop the defunct Kilembe mine.

    It is hoped that rehabilitating the assets and resuscitating mining operations – located in the Kasese district in the country’s Western region – will contribute to the area’s general economic development, according to Cabinet. Uganda plans to attract private-sector capital, management and technical expertise through public-private partnerships, leading to job creation and community development.

    It will also ‘undertake further mineral exploration to add to the known reserve base, thereby enhancing the viability of mining operations’, and has committed to install ‘efficient and modern technology to maximise the future Kilembe mine’s operating results’.

    Reuters reports that the mine – once a major producer of copper and cobalt – is estimated to contain 4 million tons of ore (1.98% pure copper and 0.17% cobalt). Several international firms have already expressed interest in the project.

    16 April 2019
    Image: Kilembe