• Hitting the bullseye

    Hitting the bullseye

    South African scientists have introduced Pumelelo, the first Cape buffalo brought into the world by in vitro fertilisation, at a game farm north of Johannesburg. This comes nearly 40 years after the first human ‘test-tube baby’ was born.

    The bull calf’s conception was a result of a technique that involves the extraction of egg cells, similar to that used on humans. As reported by Celebrating Progress Africa, it’s a technique that has the potential to boost the dwindling number of Africa’s remaining 900 000 Cape Buffalo.

    According to Morne de la Rey, MD of Embryo Plus (bovine embryo transfer specialists), this procedure could also be applied to other endangered animal species, including the northern white rhino, of which there are reportedly only three remaining.

    1 November 2016
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images