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    On the record

    Government investment in cargo scanning and tracking has increased Kenya’s trading revenues by 18.8%.

    The country’s half-year (July to December) tax collection grew to KES857.8 billion following the implementation of the Integrated Scanner Command Centre (ISCC) and Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) two years ago, which have helped curb diversion, mis-declaration and illicit trade.

    As reported by the Star, the Kenyan government estimates it has been losing more than KES30 billion revenue annually as a result of tax evasion, counterfeiting and unlicensed products.

    ‘In terms of tax evasion, cargo scanning systems have addressed that, and we have seen especially ethanol, which was being smuggled in large quantities, being arrested at the scanners,’ says Kevin Safari, Kenyan commissioner for customs and border control.

    At least 20 scanners have been installed in key entry and exit points around the country, including ports, one-stop border posts and international airports. The two systems have also improved clearance processes along the Northern Corridor.

    11 February 2020
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images