• Building foundations

    Building foundations

    The second phase of the Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project has been given US$150 million in credit support.

    The project is aimed at improving tenure security and access to basic services in urban informal settlements across the East African nation. The funding is provided by the World Bank, through its lending arm the International Development Association.

    Under the second phase, the programme will focus on improving property rights and increasing access to basic services for 1.7 million residents across the country. Living conditions will be improved through urban planning, surveys, ownership documents and infrastructure upgrades for basic services such as roads, drainage, water and sanitation, street lighting and more.

    Since its inception in 2011, the KISIP has invested in several infrastructure and service delivery projects, including pedestrian and road infrastructure, and the installation of drainage across the country.

    25 August 2020
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images