• Next generation

    Next generation

    Work on a major electrification project is set to commence in Tanzania.

    At a cost of US$59 million, the 132 kV Tabora–Katavi transmission line will span 381 km between Tabora and Katavi, which is in the Mpanda district, and provide 130 MW to the region. The project is headed by state-owned power generator Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (Tanesco).

    According to Green Building Africa, the development is in response to frequent power outages caused by damage to the reservoir at the 80 MW Mtera hydropower project, which has necessitated the use of generators. Tanesco spends nearly US$3 million per annum to operate these systems.

    President John Magufuli says the project will not only save on operating costs, but also improve economic participation by citizens. ‘Once Katavi is connected to the national grid, the region can contribute considerably to the national economy as regional residents can start up industries whenever they wish to the operation costs will go down.’

    The Daily News reports that construction is expected to be complete by May 2020.

    12 November 2019
    Image: Pixabay