• On the double

    On the double

    An app developed by two Kenyans is poised to change the way the country accesses emergency services.

    Described as Uber for emergency services, Flare connects users to response teams – whether it’s an ambulance or fire brigade – at the click of a button using a map to show the availability and whereabouts of said services. According to a Quartz Africa report, the app was launched in stages from December last year.

    So far, it has equipped more than 50 ambulance and 10 fire truck drivers with smartphones and Google maps that show the exact location of pickup and directions that take traffic conditions into account.

    Users will be able to call for help in an emergency, and also track as well as communicate with the dispatched team until it arrives, at a standard cost of between KSH3 500 and KSH8 500 per service. Future plans include expanding the fleet to add private security and police.

    1 August 2017
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images