• Put into power

    Put into power

    Nigeria’s federal government has unveiled a plan to ramp up its electricity generation – including a nuclear option and massive renewables contribution – from the current 3 000 MW to more than 45 000 MW by 2030.

    The Sustainable Energy in Nigeria for All Action Agenda (SE4ALL-AA) aims to increase renewable energy generation to 13 800 MW and gradually build up power made from fossil fuel to 18 200 MW.

    According to an Asoko Insight report, by 2030, the West African nation’s generation capacity will comprise 1 100 MW of power generated through biomass; 3 200 MW from coal; 2 000 MW from nuclear; 1 000 MW from solar thermal; and 5 000 MW from solar.

    In addition to the SE4ALL-AA, Nigeria also adopted three other documents, each of which are directed at promoting the country’s access to regular electricity.

    11 October 2016
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images