• Stellar performance

    Stellar performance

    Egypt has launched its first government-owned telecoms satellite.

    The 5.6 ton TIBA-1 was sent into space via the European Ariane 5 rocket from the north-east coast of South America. Reuters reports that the geospatial satellite will remain in orbit for at least 15 years and is expected to improve civil and government communications as well as internet services.

    Designed and built by European aerospace companies Airbus and Thales Alenia Space, TIBA-1 will be operated by the Egyptian government from a control centre in Cairo, providing the country with ‘a parallel communications network alongside the current land network’, according to Mohamed Elkoosy, executive director of the Egyptian Space Agency.

    Coverage of the satellite, named after Thebes – Egypt’s capital in ancient times – will include neighbouring Arab and African countries.

    3 December 2019
    Image: Unsplash