• Liberia


    Liberia is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests and a climate favourable to agriculture. It is attempting to revive raw timber extraction and is encouraging oil exploration. The country achieved high growth during 2010-13 due to favourable world prices for its commodities. However, the 2014 Ebola epidemic forced the government to divert scarce resources to combat the spread of the virus, reducing funds available for needed public investment. Revitalising the economy in the future will depend on increasing investment and trade, higher global commodity prices, sustained foreign aid and remittances, development of infrastructure and institutions, and maintaining political stability and security. 

    Name Republic of Liberia

    Capital Monrovia

    Frequency of elections Every six years

    Name of parliament Legislature of Liberia

    Parliament website www.liberianlegislature.org

    Languages English, ethnic languages

    Area 111 369 km2

    Population 4 092 310 (July 2014 est)

    Imports Fuels, chemicals, machinery, transportation equipment, manufactured goods, foodstuffs

    Exports Rubber, timber, iron, diamonds, cocoa, coffee

    Currency Liberian dollar

    Source: CIA World Factbook
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages