• Precious resource

      Precious resource

      Sub-Saharan Africa faces big challenges when it comes to providing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. But private-sector investment and new technologies
      are making an impact.

    • The generation equation

      The generation equation

      Advances in technology have made a strong case for more use of renewables
      in the sector’s power production mix.

    • Under construction

      Under construction

      Many of the major international hotel chains have extensive projects to increase their number of hotel rooms and facilities – a boon for tourism and economic growth on the continent.

    • In smart shape

      In smart shape

      Wearable data doesn’t just help with workouts anymore.
      Now it could lead to positive change in the office too.

    • Passing the test

      Passing the test

      Ghana, the second-biggest economy in West Africa, shows that it is now firmly rooted in a stable political system. This gives it every chance of building on its chosen industrial growth path.

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    • Bridging the gap

      Bridging the gap

      Africa will need to focus on educating and equipping the youth with the relevant skills necessary for the workplace to ensure future economic growth.
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