• New lease of city life

      New lease of city life

      As urbanisation gathers pace, some of Africa’s major centres – from Durban to Dar es Salaam – are being transformed. But regeneration means more than a new coat of paint – it has to be holistic and sustainable.

    • Creating the framework

      Creating the framework

      For the continent’s renewables sector to take off, it will have to draw on past experiences, mobilise investors and ready technical and financial markets.

    • Still shining

      Still shining

      If Botswana is to continue on its upward trajectory, it has to start looking beyond diamond mining, the industry that is responsible for much of its success over the past five decades.

    • Growth potential

      Growth potential

      Unlocking the continent’s agricultural opportunities could be one of the fastest and most productive ways to diversify economies as well as providing for rapidly developing populations.

    • No boundaries

      No boundaries

      Africa continues to present a wealth of opportunity for cross-border business, but only for those who do their homework on the intricate and varied tax systems.

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    • Going the distance

      Going the distance

      Online learning is allowing many more students to access education possibilities in Africa.
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