• Green foundations

      Green foundations

      Energy efficiency in commercial buildings is being driven by new legislation

    • New horizon

      New horizon

      The focus of South Africa’s COVID-impacted tourism industry is shifting to more authentic and conscious travel

    • State of provenance

      State of provenance

      Employing blockchain ensures precious gems are sustainably sourced and conflict free

    • Safe passage

      Safe passage

      Digitalisation has led to the improved management of the logistics sector

  • ICT
    • Plan of action

      Plan of action

      The pandemic underscored the importance of keeping ERP systems current and in the cloud
  • Resources
    • Critical flow

      Critical flow

      The mining industry is using less water, more safely and more efficiently
  • Interview
  • Energy
    • Light work

      Light work

      An integrated approach to renewable energy is needed to address the continent’s electricity challenges
  • Infrastructure
    • Outside the box

      Outside the box

      Shipping containers are offering solutions in Africa for anything from housing to vaccine labs
  • Education
    • Full marks

      Full marks

      Tertiary institutions are fast adapting to opportunities offered by remote digital learning
  • Finance
    • Doing good

      Doing good

      ESG factors are beginning to sway investment decisions on the continent
  • Health
    • Mass appeal

      Mass appeal

      Targeted social-media campaigns are being used to up COVID vaccination rates
  • Country Focus
  • Agribusiness
    • Budding prospect

      Budding prospect

      Pragmatism and an enabling legislative environment will help Africa’s fledgling cannabis industry bloom