• New horizons

      New horizons

      The real benefit of Africa’s growing number of satellites is not to be found in space but back home on Earth

    • Lighter load

      Lighter load

      With Africa hosting a number of data centres, the search for sustainable solutions to their power needs continues apace

    • Back-up plan

      Back-up plan

      Cyber insurance should play a crucial role in any risk-management strategy

    • Fifth gear

      Fifth gear

      The opportunities presented by 5G are becoming apparent for the continent as roll-out of the network speeds up

    • Licence to travel

      Licence to travel

      Building trust in Africa as a safe tourist destination is central to reigniting the industry

  • ICT
    • Eye on the road

      Eye on the road

      Digital technology is going a long way in solving many logistics problems
  • Resources
  • Interview
    • Strong ties

      Strong ties

      Invincible Valves MD Pam du Plessis, on the company’s continued commitment to catering for the... Read more
  • Energy
    • Sunny side up

      Sunny side up

      Solar PV roof-top installations are a cost-effective option for businesses
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
    • Skills pipeline

      Skills pipeline

      Despite shifts in the energy sector, Africa still needs oil and gas workers
  • Finance
    • Cashing in

      Cashing in

      Contactless payments have risen significantly during the course of COVID-19, dramatically changing the point-of-sale... Read more
  • Country Focus
    • Rainbow nation

      Rainbow nation

      South Africa has shown resilience amid the pandemic, despite severe restrictions
  • Health
  • Agribusiness
    • Splice of life

      Splice of life

      GMO technology is bringing new resilience to agriculture to reduce world hunger