• Home and away

      Home and away

      Millions of African households rely on money sent from family members abroad. Those remittances are building the foundation of the continent’s development – and they’re about to grow even more.

    • Smart moves

      Smart moves

      With a third of Africans now owning a mobile phone, the impact on the continent has been huge. But what’s next for the ubiquitous handset?

    • Down the line

      Down the line

      Africa’s electricity transmission projects are as important to the continent’s development as power-generation schemes.

    • Field guide

      Field guide

      Empowering women smallholder farmers in Africa has a positive effect on rural economies.

    • Take the wheel

      Take the wheel

      While South Africa continues to lead the continent’s automotive manufacturing efforts, other countries are also stepping up investments in vehicle production.

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    • Work in progress

      Work in progress

      Mining companies are introducing new methods to ensure environmental sustainability during operations in Africa.... Read more
  • Infrastructure
    • Growth factor

      Growth factor

      Although some of Africa’s earlier zone development programmes proved unsuccessful, the concept has shown... Read more
  • Finance
  • Interview
    • Full support

      Full support

      The Export Credit Insurance Corporation’s provision of comprehensive cover against commercial risk helps provide... Read more
  • Health
    • Strong medicine

      Strong medicine

      Traditional healers are well placed to provide much-needed healthcare to Africa’s communities. But are... Read more
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