• Clean sweep

      Clean sweep

      Green hydrogen holds vast economic benefits for the continent, in addition to being kinder to the environment

    • Observer status

      Observer status

      Smart meters are playing an increasingly large role in both energy efficiency and cost reduction

    • Deep concern

      Deep concern

      Innovative tech is going a long way towards helping miners reach zero harm targets

    • Easy riders

      Easy riders

      While electric cars are the focus in developed markets, the adoption of electric motorcycles presents a compelling alternative elsewhere

    • Augmented encounter

      Augmented encounter

      Tech is playing a role in boosting tourism as the sector continues to recover from the impact of the pandemic

  • ICT
  • Resources
    • Tapped out

      Tapped out

      With dwindling water resources, cities need to safeguard infrastructure to ensure supply
  • Interview
    • New approach

      New approach

      Molise Ramaili, interim CEO of the Lesotho National Development Corporation, on the nation’s rebranding... Read more
  • Energy
    • Full credit

      Full credit

      Voluntary carbon markets can go a long way in helping African companies offset their CO₂... Read more
  • Finance
    • Forward thinking

      Forward thinking

      Swiftly evolving fintech is allowing banks to extend their reach and simplify customer experiences
  • Infrastructure
    • Cementing success

      Cementing success

      The development of smart cities can revolutionise urban living on the continent
  • Country Focus
    • Ocean pearl

      Ocean pearl

      Positioned as Africa’s gateway to the East, the island nation of Mauritius has developed... Read more
  • Agribusiness
    • Pumped up

      Pumped up

      Solar irrigation systems have the potential to meet a substantial percentage of the water needs... Read more