• On record

    On record

    A blockchain-based value-chain tracing system has been launched in Zimbabwe, targeting its cattle farmers.

    Said to be a first for Middle East and Africa, the system provides digital verification of the origin and health records of cattle.

    A traceability mobile app is used to record data from cattle chipped with radio-frequency identification smart tags (RFID), which link the animals to their owners.

    RFID scanners are used to transmit data – such as when the animal is dipped, vaccinated or receives medical treatment – to the app. These events are recorded to maintain a tamper-proof trail of each animal’s history, to prove ownership, and to support sales and exports. It will also enable farmers to obtain loans by using their cattle as collateral.

    The system has been designed by E-livestock Global, a US venture-capital-funded social enterprise, which develops affordable technology for rural and commercial farmers, and uses Mastercard’s Provenance Solution, which employs blockchain to deliver real-time traceability.

    29 June 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images