• Road show

    Road show

    Morocco is modernising its highway network with the introduction of digital infrastructure.

    Morocco World News reports that the Moroccan National Highway Company (ADM) has begun to restructure its controlled-access highways across the country in a bid to better manage traffic growth.

    The report says traffic stands at 400 000 vehicles per day – or about 1.2 million passengers. During school holidays or summer seasons, however, this number can reach up to 500 000 vehicles per day, with queues at tolling stations.

    ADM has already installed a new high-tech central control room featuring the latest technology and systems to monitor traffic over the entire national highway network.

    The system will track incidents, and ensure communication between workers along the highway network.

    In addition, other planned projects include maintaining infrastructure and improving traffic signals and restraint measures. Several other initiatives, such as the construction of first-aid stations along the highways, are already under way.

    In an earlier report, Morocco World News said that the country’s tolled highways had seen a ‘considerable expansion’ in recent years, growing from 1 437 km at the end of 2011 to 1 800 km in 2020.

    24 August 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images