• Road works

    Road works

    An Egyptian public-private consortium has launched a project to stop the proliferation of unlicenced tuk-tuks on the country’s urban roads by replacing them with new, low-cost ‘light’ electric vehicles (EVs).

    According to Afrik21, the project, which was launched last week, will see the government’s Tahya Misr Fund and local EV supplier Dolibaat Egypt offering tuk-tuk drivers the chance to swap their older vehicles for EVs, which are being assembled locally with 45% local content. The EVs will be made available for purchase in instalments to partner banks, such as the Agricultural Bank of Egypt. In addition, the consortium plans to set up about 1 000 recharging stations.

    The two partners are collaborating with the Ministry of the Interior, while Dolibaat is also working with the Egyptian Engineers Union to train staff for 400 service centres across the country.

    2 February 2021
    Image: Dolibaat