• Robo doc

    Robo doc

    In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, a South African hospital has employed two unique staff members – virus-immune robot siblings named Quinton and Salma.

    The duo is being used to conduct virtual ward rounds in Tygerberg hospital’s ICU unit, effectively saving time and personnel capacity, and reducing exposure of medical professionals.

    Each android comprises a tablet and microphone attached to a motorised Segway that is controlled remotely, enabling doctors and other healthcare staff to virtually check in on patients – communicating with them and monitoring their vital signs.

    As reported by BizCommunity, ‘doctors are protected from coming into contact with highly infectious patients or spreading the virus to their family and other people. They can work remotely, so they can still carry out their duties, even if they have been quarantined but are still well enough to work’.

    2 June 2020
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images