• Guinea


    Guinea has major mineral, hydropower, solar power and agricultural resources. Gold, bauxite, alumina, and diamonds are its main mineral exports. The country has the largest reserves of bauxite in the world. International investors have shown interest in Guinea’s unexplored mineral reserves, which have the potential to propel its future growth. 

    Name Republic of Guinea

    Capital Conakry

    Frequency of elections Every five years

    Name of parliament National Assembly of Guinea

    Parliament website www.assemblee.gov.gn

    Languages French

    Area 245 857 km2

    Population 11 474 383 (July 2014 est)

    Imports Petroleum products, metals, machinery, transport equipment, textiles, grain and other foodstuffs

    Exports Bauxite, alumina, gold, diamonds, coffee, fish, agricultural products

    Currency Guinean franc

    Source: CIA World Factbook
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages