• Testing times

    Testing times

    A mobile mini laboratory used to monitor water quality has been launched in South Africa’s Free State province.

    The Department of Water and Sanitation’s (DWS) Blue Drop trailer saves time by analysing water on the spot, as opposed to taking samples to be tested at laboratories off-site. It also features a backup battery-powered UPS and diesel generator.

    The mini laboratory can monitor operational parameters such as PH levels, turbidity (cloudiness), electrical conductivity and free chlorine.

    Gerhard Janse van Noordwyk, deputy director of the DWS’ provincial Water Services Regulation sub-directorate, says these four parameters ‘clearly indicate the functionality of the different processes at a water treatment works’.

    He explains that analysis at any water works is done from raw water and goes through the sedimentation process and the last phase of final water. However, the results and accurate readings of the water being treated are usually obtained remotely.

    ‘Lab results can take days, but with the trailer we can monitor any change in quality live and advise the process controllers at a plant to make the necessary changes immediately, to backwash sand filters or de-sludge clarifiers.’

    7 July 2020
    Image Gallo/Getty Images