• Cold case

    Cold case

    South Africa’s ability to distribute COVID-19 vaccines at the very low temperatures required by health authorities has taken a step forward with the unveiling of a mobile freezer.

    Reuters reports that the prototype of the refrigeration unit, called Cryo-Vacc, has a temperature range of -150°C to 8°C and, using helium or liquid nitrogen, can store vaccines for 30 days without the need for electricity supply. The system will use helium to transport the vaccines by air and liquid nitrogen by road.

    Its developer, natural gas and helium supplier Reneren, says the lightweight (about 20 kg) aluminium unit can accommodate at least 100 vials at a time.

    Renergen will sell the units to its partner in the project, local distributor DPD Laser, which will lease them to warehousing logistics companies.

    23 February 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty/Reuters Images