• Future outlook

    Future outlook

    In Rwanda, a US$150 000 grant is set to boost the country’s goal of building an innovation-driven digital economy.

    The AfDB funding will support the Rwanda Coding Academy, a proof-of-concept model school for developing ICT set up to develop top technology talent to drive a booming, innovation-driven digital economy in the East African nation.

    The Rwanda Coding Academy was set up in 2019 as a proof-of-concept model school for high school students to develop ICT skills. They are taught advanced software programming, cybersecurity and other technical skills, in addition to ‘soft skills’, such as agile learning, critical thinking and self-leadership. The aim is to strengthen their school-to-work transition.

    The funding will go towards setting up an innovation centre of excellence, internet connectivity, teacher training and career-orientation events.

    According the Paula Ingabire, Rwandan Minister for ICT and Innovation, ‘the Rwanda Coding Academy is part of our broader vision to grow a local pool of highly talented Pan-African workforce in science, technology and innovation’.

    17 November 2020
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images