• The real deal

    The real deal

    University of Johannesburg scientists have partnered with South Africa’s private sector to develop a world-first next-generation identification technology in a bid to combat identity theft, according to an AFKInsider report. Designed by aiThenticate Computervision Lab, the technology – aiDX – has the potential to provide a 20-fold improvement on current identification methods such as passwords, biometrics and facial recognition.

    The technology can be deployed on any device with a built-in camera, including smartphones, and it could help banks and financial institutions authenticate/identify customers as they enter one of their branches.

    ‘We anticipate that it will have applications in a wide variety of industries and market sectors, including financial, access control, identity management, e-commerce, authorisations, grants and law enforcement, among others,’ says André Immelman, CEO of aiThenticate Computervision Labs.

    6 June 2017
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images