• In transit

    In transit

    The Doraleh multipurpose port has recently been opened to facilitate Djibouti’s efforts toward providing a world-class shipping platform. Co-funded by China, it is one of the country’s four new ports and part of a plan to establish the continent’s largest free-trade zone, as reported by Reuters. The port is expected to handle US$7 billion in goods every year.

    Currently, Doraleh’s bulk terminal can manage 2 million tons of cargo per annum, with storage space for 100 000 tons of fertiliser and grain, as well as warehouses for other goods.

    Djibouti is a gateway to one of the fastest-growing regions of the world, with 30 000 ships passing through its port each year – providing a platform for maritime activity connecting Asia, Africa and Europe. The nation handles roughly 95% of the inbound trade for neighbouring Ethiopia and manages goods from Asia (which represents nearly 60% of traffic).

    Two additional ports created to export salt and potash are expected to open in mid-2017.

    6 June 2017
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images