• Core assets

      Core assets

      Africa’s data centre industry is at the forefront of its digital transformation

    • Higher grade

      Higher grade

      E-learning is helping to solve Africa’s tertiary education needs by democratising access to top-tier institutions

    • Competitive edge

      Competitive edge

      On track to be a multibillion-dollar market as more Africans switch to smartphones, e-gaming presents many exciting opportunities

    • Launch pad

      Launch pad

      It’s all systems go for Africa’s satellite sector, bringing with it enhanced communications and connectivity

  • ICT
    • Access point

      Access point

      Hackers and scammers are increasingly using AI to do their dirty work
  • Resources
  • Interview
    • Bridging the divide

      Bridging the divide

      Chris Wood, WIOCC Group CEO, on advancing digital infrastructure across the continent
  • Energy
    • Amped up

      Amped up

      Renewable-energy solutions are critical for boosting SME development
  • Finance
    • Forward thinking

      Forward thinking

      Swiftly evolving fintech is allowing banks to extend their reach and simplify customer experiences
  • Infrastructure
    • In the fast lane

      In the fast lane

      The features of 5G technology offer massive connectivity opportunities for corporates
  • Country Focus
    • Positive outlook

      Positive outlook

      Namibia’s vast resources are spurring the nation’s upward economic trajectory
  • Agribusiness
    • Seeds of progress

      Seeds of progress

      Agritech is pivotal to growing and supporting Africa’s farmers, ensuring food security for all