• Next big thing

      Next big thing

      The story of FTTx is fast becoming the story of 5G, as Africa’s fibre roll-out continues to lay the groundwork for evolving mobile tech

    • Prepared for uncertainty

      Prepared for uncertainty

      Businesses that are supple enough to cope with risk will be better placed to counter even the most unexpected threats

    • Remote control

      Remote control

      The sudden, widespread WFH revolution has changed the way people work. It’s also creating challenges for IT support teams – and a cybersecurity headache

    • Make or break

      Make or break

      The global pandemic is taking a heavy toll on investment into Africa. Yet, as the adage goes, crisis breeds opportunity. Could the continent emerge stronger?

    • Good and well

      Good and well

      Wearable devices are playing a growing role in improving healthcare, but it’s telemedicine that shows the most potential for Africa’s underserved millions

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    • Gale force

      Gale force

      Wind-powered energy is being given more credit as governments and companies acknowledge its possibilities... Read more
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    • Diving deep

      Diving deep

      The continent’s expansive coastline holds vast potential for growth through the blue economy