• Fair warning

    Fair warning

    The cost of diabetes treatment could triple to US$59.3 billion by 2030 if GDP rates double. A study conducted by the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology Commission found that the current economic cost of the metabolic disease in sub-Saharan Africa is around US$19.5 billion, or 1% of GDP.

    According to the commission – which was launched in July and involves more than 70 international experts – the forecast rise in cost is attributed to diabetes not receiving as much attention (and support) as infectious diseases.

    Co-author of the study Justine Davies, a professor of global health at King’s College in London, says: ‘Noncommunicable and cardiovascular diseases [NCDs] haven’t been a priority because the development agenda focus has been on infectious diseases and child health. However, NCDs have shown themselves to be important contributors to morbidity and mortality.’

    As reported by SciDevNet, the commission aims to establish the current burden of diabetes and the challenges it places on healthcare systems in order to encourage home-grown solutions.

    8 August 2017
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images