• Niger


    Niger is a landlocked, sub-Saharan nation, with an economy that is centred on subsistence crops and livestock. Agriculture contributes nearly 40% of GDP and provides livelihood for most of the population. Niger also has some of the world’s largest uranium deposits. Growth could possibly be sustained by exploitation of oil, gold, coal and other mineral resources as the country has sizeable reserves of oil and oil production.

    Name Republic of Niger

    Capital Niamey

    Frequency of elections Every five years

    Name of parliament National Assembly of Niger

    Parliament website www.assemblee.ne

    Languages French, Hausa, Djerma

    Area 1 267 000 km2

    Population 17 466 172 (July 2014 est)

    Imports Foodstuffs, machinery, vehicles and parts, petroleum, cereals

    Exports Uranium ore, livestock, cowpeas, onions

    Currency Communauté Financière Africaine franc

    Source: CIA World Factbook
    Image: Greatstock/Corbis