• Swaziland


    Surrounded by South Africa, aside from a short border with Mozambique, Swaziland depends heavily on the former from which it receives more than 90% of its imports and to which it sends 60% of its exports. Swaziland’s currency is pegged to the South African rand. Its GDP per capita makes it a lower middle income country but its income distribution is highly skewed, with an estimated 20% of the population controlling 80% of the nation’s wealth. Subsistence agriculture employs approximately 70% of the population.

    Name Kingdom of Swaziland

    Capital Lobamba (royal and legislative), Mbabane (administrative)

    Frequency of elections Every five years

    Name of parliament Parliament of Swaziland

    Parliament website www.gov.sz

    Languages English, siSwati

    Area 17 364 km2

    Population 1 419 623 (July 2014 est)

    Imports Motor vehicles, machinery, transport equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products, chemicals

    Exports Soft drink concentrates, sugar, wood pulp, cotton yarn, refrigerators, citrus and canned fruit

    Currency Emalangeni

    Source: CIA World Factbook
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages