• Amped up

    Amped up

    In Kenya, an innovative collaboration will see lithium-ion batteries from solar lanterns repurposed to create more affordable and longer-lasting energy cells.

    A partnership between Aceleron – a UK-based clean-tech company that focuses on a full circular-economy approach to energy storage – and multinational oil and gas major Total, will convert waste lithium-ion battery cells into repairable, upgradable and affordable long-cycle battery packs, bringing cleaner power to people in underserviced communities across Kenya and neighbouring countries, according to Engineering News. The news site also reports that the lithium-ion waste will be provided from Tates’ solar lanterns scheme, ‘a project providing light to Kenyans without electricity access and with low incomes’.

    Power Engineering International adds that Aceleron is training local technicians in Nairobi to perform the conversions, ‘creating a local workforce that can service and repair batteries on-site, rather than throwing them away. The team has already assessed 5 000 waste batteries, found that 4 500 were usable and produced 150 second-life battery packs’.

    The Aceleron-Tates project is expected to run until 2021.

    05 November 2019
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images