• Summing up

    Summing up

    A new, innovative calculator will help Kenya forge a pathway to meet targets to reduce carbon emissions by 2050 and beyond.

    The Kenya Carbon Emission Reduction Tool (KCERT 2050) is aimed at helping energy producers and consumers, including the public, to understand the impact of their energy- and emission-related choices, reports ESI Africa. It enables users to test faster options for reducing carbon emissions.

    Using data from all sectors and stakeholders and across various scenarios, the calculator applies AI and machine learning to monitor and decrease carbon emissions and streamline operations.

    Onesmus Mwabonje, a researcher at Imperial College London’s Centre for Environmental Policy and a member of the team that developed the calculator, says the tool will also help to break down silos and generate consensus across government departments to effectively combat, mitigate and adapt to climate change.

    2 August 2022
    Image: Unsplash/Karsten Wurth