• Cash flow

    Cash flow

    Drawing money from ATMs in Kigali, Rwanda, is set to become more secure with the introduction of high-tech cash machines.

    According to the New Times, the ATMs being deployed by the Bank of Kigali have a fingerprint option, which will prevent unauthorised people with access to a bank card’s PIN from transacting on the account.

    The bank reports that it has bought 15 of the ATMs, which have been installed at key locations including the Kigali Convention Centre and hotels, but it plans to acquire 30 more.

    Caleb Gakunju, the bank’s head of payments, says additional innovative features, including a tap-and-go facility, will be introduced gradually. ‘The first step we are taking is to distribute these machines in as many places as possible, then incorporate these features in the near future.’

    The cash machines can also allow bulk cash deposits, but this feature will be activated only in more private, less congested areas.

    The DN series of ATMs are manufactured by international banking solutions provider Diebold Nixdorf.

    23 March 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images