• Charged innovation

    Charged innovation

    Electric-motorcycle drivers are now able to swap and charge batteries at special stations across Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

    The initiative enables drivers of electric motorcycles from Ampersand, a Rwanda-based transport energy solutions company, to exchange their depleted batteries for recharged ones at different locations, helping them save on fuel and maintenance costs while increasing their income.

    The service stations, owned by multinational energy company, TotalEnergies, are located in the Hurlingham, Dagoretti and Mountain View neighbourhoods of Nairobi. About 35 000 battery swaps for electric motorcycles are already reportedly done each month across the country, with each swap lasting only a few minutes.

    According to the Kenyan Times, the partnership between Ampersand and TotalEnergies will help to provide the local motorcycle industry with clean energy, as each driver of an Ampersand motorcycle reduces carbon emissions by as much as 80%.

    21 June 2022
    Image: Ampersand