• Patient care

    Patient care

    People living with diabetes in South Africa are now able to communicate their specific health needs through an AI-operated chatbot.

    Designed to complement the services of health start-up Guidepost, the chatbot uses AI to automate complex decisions in the management of diabetes, which affects one in nine people in South Africa.

    African Business Communities reports that the chatbot provides feedback to the user in a continuous and customised manner including offering personalised coaching, connecting users to professional, accredited diabetes educators.

    Data collected by the chatbot allows diabetes educators to monitor patients’ glucose levels on an ongoing basis and provide properly informed advice.

    The start-up’s other diabetes management technologies include continuous glucose monitoring devices.

    According to David Segal, chief medical officer of Guidepost, the bot’s initial roll-out has resulted ‘in the three-month average glucose levels of more than 2 000 patients dropping to within normal levels’.

    16 May 2023
    Image: Gallo/Getty images