• Climate control

    Climate control

    Namibia has secured multimillion-dollar funding for the fight against climate change.

    Geared towards strengthening the climate resilience of vulnerable communities in rural areas, the US$8.5 million grant obtained from the Green Climate Fund could benefit more than 200 000 people via a five-year ecosystem-based adaptation project, as reported by the Namibian.

    Between November this year and 2024, the project will focus on enhancing ecosystem adaptability and reduce the negative socio-economic impact of climate change. ‘[It] is based on the premise that biodiversity and ecosystems provide valuable services that increase climate resilience,’ says Namibian Minister of Environment, Pohamba Shifeta.

    Facilitated by the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia, the initiative aims to maintain and improve the availability of food and income. Shifeta highlights that the funding came an opportune time, given the country’s current drought.

    10 September 2019
    Image: Unsplash