• Continental drift

    Continental drift

    Uganda has opened a ‘culture’ park in China in an effort to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and boost tourism.

    Located in Hunan Province, the forested park – situated on 40 ha of land – is surrounded by water and includes sculptures of Ugandan wildlife, according to an Africa Business Communities report.

    ‘We regard this park as the door to Africa and a window for Chinese to discover Uganda,’ says Bob Wang, proprietor of the facility.

    Rebecca Kadaga, Ugandan Speaker of Parliament, says: ‘We plan to expand and build an exhibition room showing Ugandan products and crafts, its history, culture and paintings. In future, we would like to have an animal park with real animals, the kind you would find in Uganda.’

    The park ‘presents an excellent opportunity to sell Uganda’, says Kadaga, adding that many Chinese citizens and their families have already visited the park.

    24 July 2018
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images