• Added charge

    Added charge

    Eskom is building extra capacity into the national power grid.

    Business Tech reports that the state-owned electricity utility is carrying out 47 transmission expansion projects, which in turn will unlock about 37 GW of future generation capacity between 2025 and 2033. It has approved ZAR26 billion in capital investment for the projects.

    Addressing the Transmission Development Plan (TDP) Implementation Forum on 15 November, Eskom Transmission MD Segomoco Scheppers said that of the 47 projects under way ‘26 will deliver 1 632 km of transmission lines, 11 290 MVA and enable over 15 000 MW of generation capacity’.

    ‘Of these 26 projects, 50% will deliver 890km of transmission lines, 3 290MVA of transformer capacity and enable the safe and reliable operation of over 10 000MW of new generation.’

    The projects are split over two priority programmes: 25 projects at existing substations to unlock 13 GW of new electricity generation over the next five years and 22 expedited transmission projects that will unlock 24 GW of grid connection capacity by 2033.

    28 November 2023
    Image: Freepik