• First aid

    First aid

    In terms of being prepared for health challenges of the future, emerging countries are adopting connected care technology to help ‘leapfrog’ more advanced countries.

    The Future Health Index report – commissioned by electronics giant Philips – focuses on access to healthcare, integration of the current health system and adoption of connected care technology. It gave South Africa the eighth-highest score (56.7 out of 100) in terms of perceived readiness in realising the benefits of integration and connected care.

    According to the WEF, 48% of all South African healthcare professionals say connected care devices are often or already being used to treat patients, compared to 23% of their counterparts in the UK and 12% in Japan.

    Similarly, the report also shows that 36% of patients in South Africa feel connected care would be more effective in managing their own health, compared to 28% in developed markets.

    27 September 2016
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images