• Full of energy

    Full of energy

    In the next five to 10 years, can Mozambique become the liquified natural gas (LNG) regional export hub of Africa?

    New research says yes. There is, however, a downside.

    According to consultants Frost & Sullivan, all hinges on the major explorers in the country – Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and Eni SpA – meeting several conditions (including securing binding gas supply agreements) within the next year. Frost & Sullivan’s research reviews various strategies such as LNG export terminals, gas-to-power projects and the possibility of petrochemical plants in Mozambique, which has been the setting for several huge offshore gas finds in recent years.

    Anadarko is developing a first phase onshore two-train LNG facility with a capacity of 6 million metric tons per year, at a cost of around US$26 billion. Meanwhile Eni is looking into building two floating LNG units.

    9 June 2015
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages