• Geared for take-off

    Geared for take-off

    Construction of Sudan’s new Khartoum International Airport is set to commence in early 2019.

    The US$1.15 billion project has been awarded to Turkish-based construction firm Summa, and will entail three phases, as reported by Construction Review Online.

    ‘First we will build a terminal with a 6 million-person [per annum] capacity, along with all infrastructure services, runways and airport aprons,’ according to Summa chairman Selim Bora. Capacity will be increased to 9 million people in Phase 2, with the third and final phase boosting capacity to 12 million.

    It is hoped that the successful completion of the initiative will see the airport join the ranks of the Addis Ababa and Cairo airports as the region’s busiest and most important hubs.

    The entire project is forecast to be completed within 36 months.

    30 October 2018
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images