• Giving back

    Giving back

    African countries are synonymous with poverty and being on the receiving end of financial aid. However, what is little known is that Africans also donate their money and time to charities.

    Last year’s World Giving Index measured countries by three kinds of generosity – giving money, donating time and helping a stranger. Kenya ranks number one in Africa for overall generosity and 11th worldwide, with nearly 40% of its citizens donating money, 43% volunteering their time and 74% assisting a stranger.

    At 51%, Mauritius tops the continent’s list with the highest percentage of citizens who donate their money to charity, while Morocco comes in last place with 3% – down from 72% in 2011. Liberia came third on the global scale for volunteerism with a score of 46%.

    2 February 2016
    Image:Gallo/Getty Images