• Going places

    Going places

    Morocco has signed an agreement with Italy that will see snails being exported to the European country.

    Snail breeding, valuing and transportation projects will also be implemented, resulting in job creation, as reported by Morocco World News. In Marrakesh, research and training centres are set to be established, which will benefit from Italy’s experience in the sector.

    ‘This partnership aims to develop emerging markets for Moroccan production […] and to exchange experiences between Morocco and Italy on the snail sector,’ says Nadia Ibrahimi, president of the North African nation’s Professional Federation of Breeding Snails. She adds that the joint technology projects will be designed to meet international standards.

    Morocco currently produces more than 15 000 tons of snails per annum – 85% of which is exported, predominantly to Spain.

    Snails are in high demand across Europe, and not only are they regarded as a delicacy but they are also commonly used in cosmetics and healthcare. Breeding farms are able to produce around 10 tons per hectare in one production cycle and, on international markets, the molluscs fetch up to EUR5 per kilo.

    12 February 2019
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images