• Clearing the path

    Clearing the path

    A multi-stakeholder initiative is exploring the creation of a zero-emission, green maritime corridor to ship iron ore from South Africa to Europe.

    According to Engineering News, the new consortium, which falls under the auspices of the Global Maritime Forum (GMF), covers the entire supply chain – from miners and steel producers to ship owners, freeport operators and energy suppliers.

    ‘We hope this project will lay bare a viable shipping decarbonisation pathway towards real-world implementation, generating sustainable growth and business opportunities for South Africa and the region, with synergies for other sectors of the economy,’ says GMF CEO Johannah Christensen.

    The consortium, whose members include Anglo American and ENGIE, will investigate bunkering and offtake arrangements, the availability of green fuel, and financial and business model alternatives.

    28 March 2023
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images