• Green cargo

    Green cargo

    Uganda is preparing to export medical marijuana products valued at Shs600 billion to Canada and Germany.

    Non-profit Industrial Hemp Uganda, the only local entity authorised to grow and process medicinal cannabis products in the country, is working with Israel’s Together Pharma Limited to supply European countries, according to the Daily Monitor. The budding industry is expected to create employment, generate foreign currency, investment opportunities and a trade surplus as well.

    Medical cannabis contains chemical compounds used to alleviate pain and medical conditions.

    Though the use of marijuana is illegal in the East African nation, the country’s Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control Act of 2016 states that the National Drug Authority may ‘issue licences, for sale, manufacture, production or distribution of specified narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances’.

    14 May 2019
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images