• Growth factor

    Growth factor

    Zimbabwean farmers will soon be able to use a remote control technique to identify the nutrients needed by their crops. The technology, developed by agricultural researchers from the University of Zimbabwe, is able to assess land used to grow crops that include tobacco, soya beans and maize.

    It will indicate the exact quantity of nutrients a crop requires. It will also predict yields using aerospace-based satellite imagery, eliminating the need to be onsite.

    According to a SciDev.Net report, a trial run will be conducted in January 2016 at the university’s farm before it is rolled out in other African countries.

    Meanwhile, the centre is also working on establishing the exploration and actual quantification of minerals in the country using the same system – the ultimate goal being to provide Zimbabwe and other African states with a precise map documenting mineral quantities.

    1 December 2015
    Image: Gallo/GettyImages