• Growth spurt

    Growth spurt

    While South Africa has been particularly hard hit by recent drought conditions, the country’s commercial producers have plans to plant 26.5% (516 250 ha) more maize than last season.

    The latest Crop Estimates Committee report by South Africa’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries shows that white maize will account for 43.4% more than the previous season, while 8.2% more yellow maize will be planted.

    More than 1 million ha of maize (665 000 ha white maize and 385 000 ha yellow) will be planted in the country’s Free State province alone.

    Further, it is hoped that South Africa will experience more favourable weather conditions in the new season, hence why 48.2% more groundnuts will be planted and 2.6% more soya beans.

    8 November 2016
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images