• Health check

    Health check

    A deal has been signed to build three new hospitals in Angola.

    The project includes a 17 200 m2, 200-bed facility in Huambo; a 10 112 m2, 100-bed facility in Luena; and a 9 970 m2, 100-bed facility in Cabinda. Construction of the hospitals is expected to be completed within five years, Engineering News reports.

    The EUR225 million deal is financed by the Angolan Ministry of Finance, JSE-listed investment management company Investec, the Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa and Italy-based lead facility arranger Unicredit, with support from Italian export credit agency Servizi Assicurativi del Commercio Estero.

    ‘The building of these three hospitals will play a role in helping to address the ongoing challenges of providing sufficient coverage and addressing access to high-quality health centres,’ says Dorivaldo Teixeira, director-general of public debt management in the Angolan Ministry of Finance. ‘The shortage of qualified personnel will also be addressed through [developer] Vamed’s commitment to a two-year joint hospital management process, once each facility is built, working with the hospital teams to ensure the facilities are operated optimally.’

    24 January 2023
    Image: Unsplash