• Hitting home

    Hitting home

    Almost 70% of African MBA students attending the 10 leading US and European universities plan on returning to the continent to find work after graduation. This is according to two separate studies – one conducted by pan-African law firm Jacana Partners and the other by the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The latter study found that nine in 10 African PhD students completing their studies abroad plan to work in Africa.

    A Quartz Africa report notes that this reverse-migration trend has led to an increase in professional matchmaking and networking services, such as Talent2Africa, Movemeback and MBTN global. These organisations pair diaspora talent with opportunities across the continent.

    Tomiwa Igun, founder of the voluntary membership group Young African MBAs, says that with Brexit, the Trump presidency and increasingly restrictive immigration policies, it is likely that this reverse-migration movement will continue to grow as more students plan to head home after their visas expire.

    5 December 2017
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images