• Charging on

    Charging on

    Work on a facility to manufacture hydrogen fuel-cell plants in South Africa is set to start in 2023.

    As part of the government’s Hydrogen Valley project, which aims to create an integrated hydrogen ecosystem and position the country as an exporter of cost-effective green hydrogen, the facility will be built in the Vaal Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Sedibeng, Gauteng.

    Engineering News reports that local sustainable-energy services provider Mitochondria Energy will build units totalling 250 MW a year, with an ultimate goal of scaling up to an annual 1 000 MW. Once complete, the facility will employ 400 people, which will be doubled to 800 if the 1 000 MW target is reached. The company will initially release 50 kW units to the market, but might supply 250 kW units comprising five 50 kW plants to users that require industrial levels of electricity.

    5 July 2022
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images