• In the system

    In the system

    A Nigerian tech start-up has launched the LegitCar mobile app – a nationwide database of cars that have been reported stolen, in a bid to help buyers of second-hand vehicles verify that their purchase is legitimate.

    According to a report by AFKInsider, the app uses vehicle identification or chassis numbers to determine whether the car has been flagged as missing or stolen.

    While the database is still in its infancy, the start-up is in the process of building it up to include parameters such as car condition, verification, history and ownership status of around 5 000 cars. Users can also use the app to register cars that have been stolen.

    ‘We sincerely believe that if we make it impossible for stolen cars to be resold, with time we will be making that line of business unattractive for thieves, and as such make our world a little bit safer,’ says LegitCar founder and CEO Vincent Okeke.

    11 July 2017
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images