• Keeping track

    Keeping track

    Mustering livestock can prove to be an ongoing challenge for Nigerian farmers and herdsmen, as having little to no designated grazing land often leads to being unable to identify and recover lost animals. Which is why, in a bid to address this issue, a mobile app has been developed to help farmers and law enforcement keep track of animals.

    MTN’s Animal Identification and Management Solution (AIMS) works similarly to other animal-tracking solutions: radio-frequency identification chips – coded with the owner’s details – are injected into livestock, while the AIMS portal features a detailed history of livestock ownership. This also provides the added benefit of helping farmers meet international standards for exporting meat, according to a How We Made It In Africa report. What’s more, Nigerian herders can use the service to call for help or send SOS messages in the case of an emergency.

    22 November 2016
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images