• Now we’re cooking

    Now we're cooking

    Kenya is investing US$200 million in bottling and storage facilities for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

    The government’s investment is in line with its goal of achieving universal access to clean cooking energy by the end of the decade, according to Moneyweb.

    The state-controlled Kenya Pipeline Company will begin developing a 45 000 ton gas facility at the government’s defunct oil refinery in Mombasa in July, says Energy Minister Davis Chirchir.

    President William Ruto promised recently that he would abolish tax on cooking gas.

    Chirchir says the government aims to cut the price of the fuel by a third to about KSH70 per kilogram, and to nearly double its use by 2030 from an estimated 7.5 kg to 13 kg per person.

    Kenya’s Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has issued about a dozen licences to private investors to build bulk LPG facilities, he says.

    Tanzania’s Taifa Gas announced earlier in March that it was building the region’s biggest gas import and storage facility in Mombasa. The 30 000 million ton facility will cost US$200 million.

    14 March 2023
    Image: Unsplash