• Learning curve

    Learning curve

    A US$14.5 million loan has been secured for the construction of a skills-development centre in northern Morocco.

    The country’s Municipal Equipment Fund (FEC), a public development-finance institution, is financing a City of Trades and Skills (CMC) centre in Fez-Meknes as part of a bigger initiative to develop infrastructure in the region. Morocco World News reports that the centre will serve as a regional vocational training facility, which will feature 82 learning paths and accommodate 3 140 students in fields ranging from industrial; digital technology and AI; and management and commerce; to tourism and hospitality; personal and community services; agriculture; and crafts.

    The centre, which is being built at a total cost of US$41.3 million, will offer ‘diploma training at qualification, technician and specialised-technician levels’ and is expected to produce 22% of the region’s labour specialists.

    3 August 2021
    Image: Gallo/Getty Images